If you manage a business in or near Hamilton County, Indiana, and that business involves one or more work vans, you should install a van wrap on those vehicles. Why? Here are five reasons:

1. Van Wraps Turn Commuting Time Into Advertising Time.

Imagine that you’re an electrician living in Atlanta, Indiana. Electricians sometimes work at the same site for weeks or even months at a time, but often they’re doing small jobs at new job sites every day, or even two or three different jobs in the same day. And some of those jobs might be in Atlanta, but some might be in Fishers or Indianapolis or anywhere else in or nearby Hamilton County. That’s a lot of driving.

While stuck in traffic in Indianapolis, driving down I-69 in Fishers, and even parked outside your own home in Atlanta, how many people do you think see your work van every day? Thousands? Tens of thousands? Make them take notice with a van wrap. A van wrap contains an eye-catching image or graphics that wraps around different sides of your van as well as your company name, logo, slogan, contact info, and more. With a van wrap, all the time you spend commuting around Hamilton County is not time wasted and money spent on gas, it’s reinvested into promoting your business.

2. Van Wraps Promote Your Business At A Minimal Cost.

Small and medium-sized businesses in places like Atlanta and Fishers don’t have big marketing budgets. Even comparatively large businesses in Indianapolis must be careful with their marketing dollars. That’s not a problem with van wraps because they are so cost effective. Billboards and radio or TV ads include recurring costs to keep your ads public, but a van wrap only requires a modest one-time payment.

3. Van Wraps Are Durable.

Many people worry that their van wrap will peel or scratch off easily. But this isn’t the case if you find a reliable local signage company in Hamilton County.

4. Van Wraps Make Your Work Vehicles More Identifiable.

Apart from the promotional advantages of installing a van wrap, there are practical benefits, too. With a van wrap, there will be no confusion when you arrive. As soon as you pull up to a job in Atlanta or to a client in Fishers, they will instantly recognize your vehicle if it has a van wrap.

5. Van Wraps Make Your Vehicles Look More Professional, Especially If You Have A Fleet.

If you manage a business in Indianapolis with a fleet of vans, you definitely want them looking uniform. Identical wraps on all your vans make you look more professional and successful.

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