Address signs don’t just identify your building, they make an impression, so you want it to be a good one. Here are five tips for making a great impression with your great address sign.

1. The Right Address Sign Is Made Of The Right Materials.

Materials matter for all signs, and address signs are no different. You want materials that are durable, that look good, and that fit with your overall aesthetic image. Copper or brass address signs are classic and can be found on homes and businesses all over Indiana. Stainless steel is good if you want a slightly more industrial minimalist look. Acrylic signs are great address signs for businesses that deal with aesthetics or creativity, such as an architectural firm in Noblesville or a nail salon in Westfield.

2. The Look Of Your Address Sign Should Match The Building.

An address sign might look great on paper or sitting on your kitchen table but think about how it will look once it is installed. Writing out addresses in cursive is a classic look for an address sign. . .or is it? Has it now become a cliché? Ultimately, it depends on your building. If you live in a recently built house with a contemporary design, a written address sign might look tacky. But on a hundred-year-old house in Noblesville it might look great. And don’t forget, you have more options than just numerals and cursive writing. Your address sign can be spelled out in any font you like.

3. Location, Location, Location

Location is important for address signs, too. By location, we don’t mean Westfield vs. Noblesville or anywhere else in Indiana. It’s the location on the building that matters. Before you commission your address sign, make sure you know where you want to install it. Check different vantage points to make sure it’s visible from all angles.

4. Businesses Offer More Variety For Address Signs.

Businesses often have places for address signs that homes do not. For example, a café in Westfield might have an awning over its front patio. An awning is a perfect place on which to print your address. Likewise, many retail stores have facades that are largely taken up by a front window. The shop window is a great place for a window address sign for a Noblesville boutique store.

5. Make Sure Your Address Sign Is Made By A Local Professional Sign Company In Indiana.

You want a professional handling your address sign and you want somebody near you in Westfield, Noblesville, or nearby in Hamilton County, IN, who can consult with you on design and make your address sign quickly. At Vector Sign Solutions, we can make the perfect address sign for you. Contact us today to get started.