Exterior Signage Solution for Hope Chiropractic in Carmel, IN

Dr Nick Shelby and Rachel Shelby were opening up a new chiropractic office located in Carmel, IN.  When they contacted Vector Sign Solutions, they explained that they needed a temporary, exterior signage solution to announce the opening of their new office to the general public. For the long-term, they would need a permanent exterior signage solution that would enhance their company brand during the day and be illuminated at night. They would also need window graphics to feature their branding for their business name, logo and hours of operation on the front door.  Finally, they would need to have their business identity added to the Tenant Sign. As part of any exterior signage solution, they wanted to ensure that their branding and logo identity were consistently maintained throughout all exterior sign applications.

For the short-term task, Vector Sign Solutions first acquired the city permit, and we printed an exterior vinyl banner, and then installed the banner.  The banner featured the logo with their branding colors. Our design team incorporated Hope Chiropractic’s logo combined with a solid blue background. “Coming Soon” knocked out of their branded blue background to white for maximum readability and visual impact.

For the long-term project, we acquired another city permit for the permanent sign.  Our graphics team designed the corporate name, Hope Chiropractic for an illuminated-channel letter sign.  Given that their corporate blue color does not illuminate well at night, we incorporated a perforated face. This allowed the exterior channel letters to appear blue during the day and visible white at night. Once approved, our production team fabricated the exterior channel letters and our installation team installed it for their Grand Opening.

For their front door, glass-panel graphics, Vector’s talented team, created a simple and tasteful design including their corporate name, logo and hours of operation. They selected opaque white for maximum visibility. Our production team printed, cut and applied the graphic decals to the front door.

Finally, we designed, fabricated and installed their corporate name on the their property Tenant Signage.

Vector Sign Solutions does much more than design, fabricate and install exterior signage solutions. Our experienced team’s primary objective is to learn what your project objectives are, short and long term. Once we understand what you’re trying to accomplish, we can provide the best solution for your interior signage, exterior signage and vehicle graphics.

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Nick Shelby

Nick Shelby

Doctor / Owner - Hope Chiropractic, Carmel IN

The team at Vector Sign Solutions is great! We needed a temporary banner and permanent channel letters for a chiropractic office we are opening. They got the permits quickly and installed the temporary banner, and we got our channel letters in much sooner than expected. They work great and look even better.

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Exterior Signage Solution for Hope Chiropractic in Carmel, IN

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