Pylon SignsPylon signs 101

The term “pylon signs” refers to a specific style of freestanding sign structure used to advertise your business at roadside. Sometimes referred to as “road signs” and “highway signs,” pylon signs come in all shapes, sizes, and styles–single or double sided, with one or two poles, lit or unlit. However, most serve the same basic functions, generating roadside impressions for business owners and anchoring their wayfinding systems.

Benefits of pylon signs for Noblesville businesses

One of the foremost benefits of outdoor pylon signs is visibility. Pylon signs lift your message up high for all to see, making it easy to spot even at long distances, at high speed, or through dense crowds. If you’re operating out of a single-story brick-and-mortar location (or just trying to stand out among the competition), pylon signs are a great way to enhance visibility and create wayfinding landmarks that are impossible to miss.

Illuminated pylon signs also offer exceptional nighttime visibility. These can be internally lit, backlit, or illuminated via dedicated lighting set-ups on the ground.

Custom pylon signs in Noblesville, IN

Vector Signs Solutions offers an extensive range of pylon sign solutions, including:

  • LED pylon signs
  • Single pole-mounted pylon signs
  • Two pole-mounted pylon signs
  • Covered outdoor pole pylon signs
  • Custom light box pylon signs, and more!

And like all of the products featured in our extensive catalog, all pylon signs are totally customizable! Choose any shape, size, color, lighting style, or materials, then work with our creative team to perfect your logos or graphics. It’s a fun and easy process that gets great results every time.

Free pylon sign quotes in Noblesville, IN

If you’ve ever driven through Noblesville, or any of the surrounding areas, chances are you’ve spotted some of our pylon signs. We’ve helped dozens of businesses, and we can help you too!

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