Room Id SignsWhat are Room ID Signs?

The term “room ID sign” refers to any type of signage used to identify permanent or temporary interior spaces, though the former is much more common.

Do Noblesville businesses need ADA compliant room ID signs?

Yes. Though some signs are exempt from the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design, room ID signs are not. As a rule of thumb, all permanent rooms and spaces require ADA signs. The only time room ID signs are exempt is when they are temporary (intended for 7 days or less).

Room ID sign requirements are defined in Chapter 7, Section 703. This section includes specific instructions for:

  • Depth, style, spacing, case and character proportions of any raised characters
  • Position, location, installation height of any tactile characters or braille
  • Finish, contrast, case, style, and character proportions/height of visual characters
  • Field, finish and contrast, and text descriptions of pictograms
  • Contrast and design of all symbols of accessibility, and much more!

But if you’re working with Vector Sign Solutions, you’ve got nothing to worry about. Our experienced design experts make sure that every room ID sign fully complies with all ADA requirements.

High quality room ID signs in Noblesville, IN

Vector Sign Solutions carries a wide range of room ID signs, including:

  • Classroom ADA signs
  • Custom printed logo room ID signs with tactile text/braille
  • Area of Refuge signs in brushed aluminum with braille
  • Break room signs
  • Computer lab signs
  • Conference room signs
  • ADA compliant cashier signs
  • Closet room name signs
  • Custom ADA signs with tactile text and braille
  • Custom room identification signs in brushed aluminum and wood
  • Room number with name insert ADA signs
  • Custom room number signs (with tactile text and braille)
  • Custom brushed aluminum room number signs
  • Meeting room signs (with or without sliders), and much more!

All room ID signs are made from quality materials and our designs adhere to ADA guidelines. Moreover, all room ID signs are fully customizable, whether you want to tweak a proven template or create something entirely from scratch.

Free room ID sign quotes in Noblesville, IN

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