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What is Building Signage?

The term “building signage” broadly refers to a wide range of outdoor signage used to display messages, images, or business information on the exterior or frontage of public and private buildings. From large scale neon to sleek but striking window graphics, Vector Sign Solutions offers all kinds of building signage to fit your business and budget. Some of the most popular building signage among business owners and organizations including:

  • Channel letters
  • Awning graphics
  • Banners (vinyl, mesh, fabric, and more)
  • Window decals and graphics
  • Wayfinding signs
  • Address signs
  • Hanging signs (sometimes known as “blade” signs)
  • Lightboxes
  • Architectural signage
  • Metal/aluminum signs
  • Parking lot signs, and more!

No matter what you’re looking for, Vector Sign Solutions has the answer! All building signage designed and fabricated at our location is 100% customizable. For most sign types, that means you can choose any size, shape, color, or texture that you want, along with whatever graphics or text your heart desires.

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Channel Letter Signs

What are channel letter signs? Channel letters signs are popular outdoor building signs that feature custom-made dimensional plastic or metal lettering. Channel letter signs are typically illuminated, with their “unlit” counterparts referred to simply as “dimensional lettering.”

If you’ve ever visited shopping districts around Hamilton County, Metro Indianapolis and Indiana, chances are you’ve seen channel letter signs on display. That’s because they’re one of the most popular sign types for both small businesses and established national franchises.

Channel letter signs are as versatile as they are visible, though they’re used most often as primary storefront signage for businesses. They build brand authority, engage local audiences day-or-night, and function as useful wayfinding landmarks to help potential customers and visitors spot your business from afar.

Vector Sign Solutions produces all the most popular channel letter sign styles, including:

  • Backlit channel letter signs
  • LED channel letter signs
  • Exposed neon channel letter signs
  • Formed plastic channel letter signs
  • Unlit channel letter signs (AKA “dimensional letter signs”), and more!

But don’t be overwhelmed by our extensive catalog–a dedicated project manager will help you create a shortlist of channel letter sign styles that fits your unique needs and budget.

Additionally, all channel letter signs are 100% customizable, so you can choose whatever shape, size, colors, lighting style, and materials work for you. Branding consultations and graphic design services are also available in-house as needed.


What are dimensional signs? Sometimes referred to as three-dimensional (3D) signs, dimensional designs add depth to your indoor business signs that makes them stand out from traditional flat signage. Illuminated dimensional signs are called channel letters, which are used by national brands and small businesses alike throughout Hamilton County, Indiana and surrounding communities; thus, it can be helpful for some to think of dimensional signs as non-illuminated channel letter signs. Vector Sign Solutions carries all the most popular dimensional sign styles, including:

  • High-Density Urethane (HDU) foam dimensional signs are great for creating custom carved looks with smooth or textured surfaces, and for recreating the look of wood.
    With their clean glass-like quality, acrylic dimensional signs are popular lobby signs, directional signs, and room number signs. They can be cut, polished, bevel-edged, engraved, or sandblasted.
  • Wood dimensional letters can be crafted from almost any kind of wood, playing off the beauty of the wood grain to create an air of natural elegance and rustic appeal.
  • Dimensional cast metal plaques are perfect for door and desk nameplates, historical landmarks, and museum panels.
  • Available in any shape, size, or color, three-dimensional plastic letters work in any business setting, and they’re super affordable compared to some other styles.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg. Contact our expert sign team today at 317-703-3340 to have a dedicated project manager walk you through our entire catalog and create a shortlist of recommended dimensional sign types based on your unique needs.

In addition to our wide selection, all dimensional signs are 100% customizable. Choose any shape, size, material, or color for your substrate, then work with our creative in-house team to develop the perfect sign copy or graphic. No preexisting design or experience is necessary–our process is fun, easy, and totally beginner-friendly.

Informational Signs

Informativeal signs are easy to read and mounted in highly visible areas informing visitors or customers the purpose of an object or provides instruction on the use of something. Informational signs are used for a wide application of uses including high traffic areas, lobbies, etc.

When a customer enters your business, Informational Signs save your guests time by offering important directions and information on how to find what they are looking for at your business or facillity. 

Informational signs are used at several different locations such as hospitals, malls, colleges, stadium, etc. displayed in public areas.
• Informational Signs help people navigate your facility saving time and frustration for your customers or guests. 
• We offer a wide selection of materials including heavy duty aluminum signs and engineer grade reflective signs. To increase visibility you may want to select our reflective signs.

Monument Signs

What are monument signs? The term “monument signs” refers to a specific style of freestanding signage that’s typically mounted at ground-level on a structural base constructed of masonry, wood, concrete, stucco, or lightweight foam, which is often engraved to resemble wood grain or stonework.

Monument signs offer tremendous street-level visibility and build serious brand authority for your business, residential community, or organization.

Popular monument signs for Hamilton County and metro Indianapolis businesses are often used for retail entrances, corporate headquarters, office buildings, schools, churches, hotels, hospitals, museums, golf courses, and more.

Vector Sign Solutions carries all the most popular monument sign types, including:

  • Modern monument signs
  • Illuminated monument signs
  • Single-building monument signs
  • Outdoor directory signs
  • Pylon signs, and more!

Parking & Traffic Signs

Parking lots signs provide valuable wayfinding cues and information about regulations that your customers need for enjoyable visits. Parking and traffic signs improve safety and keep your company or organization compliant with Hamilton County, Metro Indianapolis and IN laws. Moreover, when properly designed, parking lot and traffic signs function as powerful branding tools.

Vector Sign Solutions provides most popular parking lot sign styles, including:

  • Permit parking signs
  • No parking signs
  • Handicapped parking signs
  • Fence signs
  • Wall graphics
  • Floor graphics
  • Post and panel signs, and much more!

Our parking and traffic signs come in a wide range of materials, including polyethylene, steel, aluminum, polystyrene, and durable vinyl–whatever you need to get the job done.

Not sure what’s best for your signage needs? Don’t worry: a dedicated project manager will help you navigate our extensive catalog and create a shortlist of parking lot sign recommendations that fit your budget and needs.

Wayfinding/Directional Signage

The term “wayfinding signs” refers to a wide array of signage used to help guests, customers and employees navigate your building, facility, event, or store.

Though they come in many different styles, all wayfinding signs meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Informational–signs providing basic business information, such as window graphics displaying hours of operation or post-and-panel signs alerting the public to construction
  • Identification–signs providing visual cues to help visitors identify their location, such as address signs, monument signs, or lobby signs
  • Regulatory–signs describing any regulations that apply to the area, such as safety signs or post-and-panel parking signs
  • Directional–signs providing directional cues, such as arrow-shaped wall graphics or floor decals
types of wayfinding signs

Vector Sign Solutions carries a wide range of indoor and outdoor wayfinding signs, including:

  • Window decals
  • Wall graphics
  • Floor graphics
  • Enter/Exit signs
  • Hanging signage
  • ADA signs
  • A-frames
  • Storefront signs
  • Post and panel signs
  • Hanging signs
  • Metal signs
  • Dynamic digital signs
  • Monument signs, and much more!

Custom wayfinding signs get spotted more compared to stock alternatives, and they create unique opportunities for business branding and promotion. Your visitors will already be looking for wayfinding signs, so why not capitalize on these guaranteed impressions with branded media?

Engraved Signage

What are building engraved signs? Engraved signs have so many uses and are a very popular option for many of our customers. Vector Sign Solutions offers engraving on several types of materials and we can even combine full color graphics or screenprinting and engraving together to make great looking signs. They make striking statements when sandblasted onto your building’s exterior as well.

What are some of the uses for engraved signs? Engraved signs are great for:

  • Nameplates – primarily for offices/doors
  • Deskplates – lobbies, hotels, medical offices, information desks
  • Safety Signs – research laboratories, manufacturing facilities, chemical facilities, medical offices
  • Brass Signs, Aluminum Signs and Stainless Steel engraved signs are ideal for interior and exterior uses – including building identification and office identification
  • Acrylic laser engraved signs – are used for nameplates, directories, product displays
  • Directional and Directory Signs – built to last these signs include signage for directory inserts, wall/flag mount directional and informational signs
  • Outdoor signs for golf courses, parks and recreation facilities can be engraved on materials designed to hold up for all kinds of inclement weather.

Carved / ROUTED Signage

What are carved or routed building signs? The distinctive look of a carved or routed building sign comes from the carved impression routed into the wood or the substrate/ material of the sign. 

The rugged or distressed look of carved or routed signs is well suited for building exterior signage. They are often used for interior applications including: restaurants/bars, retailers, and many different commercial businesses.

Unlike 2 dimensional signage that only includes height and width, Vector Sign Solutions, carved or routed signs add a distinctive visual element of depth. Our carved or routed signs are highly visual, impacting  and aesthetically pleasing than a 2 dimensional alternative.

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