What are construction signs??

The term “construction sign” broadly refers to any signage used on or around construction sites for public and employee safety, wayfinding, and branding.

Some of the most popular construction sign types include:

  • Post and panel construction signs
  • Project boards
  • Road construction signs
  • Under Construction signs
  • Hard hat signs
  • Site safety signs
  • Eye protection signs
  • Roll up construction signs

Construction sign protects Hamilton County, metro Indianapolis and Indiana developers. Vector Sign Solutions’ construction signs appear on sites all over Noblesville, Indiana and the surrounding areas to:


  • Deter theft and unauthorized site entries
  • Protect construction crews and site visitors from hazards
  • Enforce important safety policies
  • Provide wayfinding and informational cues (e.g. directing visitors to the site manager)
  • Alert crews to the use of heavy machinery, chemicals, or other hazardous materials
  • Promote best practices for workplace safety and equipment operation
  • Organize the worksite, and more!

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Danger Construction Signs

Protecting construction sites from workplace accidents is critical to keeping workers and the general public safe from injury.

Posting construction signage is critical and required by OSHA and ANSI. Vector Sign Solutions offers construction signs that clearly identify where work is underway, instruct people on safe ladder and scaffold use, and more. Our experienced signage team understand the requirements to produce your OSHA and ANSI compliant signage for many different types of messages and applications. 



Danger Signage  – Danger signs caution immediate danger and that special precautions are necessary. OSHA requires red, black and white colors are to be used for danger signs.

Caution Signage — Caution signs warn about potential hazards or caution against unsafe practices. OSHA requires caution signs to include a yellow background  black letters. Or a black background with yellow letters.

Safety Instruction Signage — Safety Instruction signs are required to be displayed where there is a need for general instructions and/or suggestions relative to safety measures. OSHA requires that safety instruction signs have a white background, green panel with white letters. Letters used on the white background must be black.

Fence Barrier SIGNAGE

How many times have you walked past a construction site and peeked through the fencing trying to see what is under construction? No doubt, you noticed a wide variety of signs hanging along the fence posting important notices and under construction warnings. Construction fencing provides the perfect area for posting important notices through strategic signage and graphics.

Safety – Your signage should be focsued for the protection of the public as well as your employees and construction workers. Reducing the amount of risk to your workers, management staff, vendors and contractors is a high priority to significantly reduce accidents.

Required Safety Gear – It is important to remind your workers and visitors to wear protective safety gear including hard hats, high visibility vests, eye protection, proper footwear and gloves.

Authorized Personnel  – Your signage should warn the community that your site is for authorized personnel only. Drawing attention to potential hazards will protect your workers and the public from falling materials, open pits and other dangerous work areas.

Wayfinding – Directional signage keeps construction areas organized and running smoothly while also keeping people out of restricted areas.

Entrance/ Exit – Placing entrance and exit signs at your job site will ensure that vendors, visitors and workers are using the designated routes in and out of the area safely, avoiding traffic, accidents or confusion with deliveries.

Closed Areas– Protecting and maintaining your site’s security is critical. Closed area signs notify which areas are closed to maintaining your site’s security. 

Advertising – Your fencing signage cam provide an opportunity for advertisement. Highlight brands using bright visuals and captivating messaging. 

Whether you’re addressing concerns, providing protection, advertising businesses or giving notice, construction signage on fencing is a great way to get the word out there. While there may be some restrictions, make an effort to make your signage eye-catching, helpful and informative.

Parking Lot Signs

 Regulate parking and traffic flow around construction job sites. Designate entrances, exits and other areas to prevent traffic jams. Many are fabricated out of reflective material, helping drivers view them in low light conditions.

Our experienced design professionals will help you design your construction parking lot signs for the best possible layout with the highest quality reflective materials.

Branded Construction Screens

Future Home Signs – It seems like a a simple idea but it works! Many successful construction and development companies are branding their jobsites with customized branding screens. Vector Sign Solutions provides customized Branding Screens which are easy to use and reuse, while giving your brand maximum impact.

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