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Wide selection of Digital and Electronic Signage

What are Digital Signs/Displays?

Electronic signs use different technologies–LCD, LED, projection, e-paper, and others–to convey messages. Some electronic signs use simple text displays, while others are basically television screens.

Vector Sign Solutions offers a wide range of electronic signs, each with their own unique benefits. For instance, digital sign boards let you create engaging moving text messages that can be customized in seconds, while LED displays allow owners to display videos, image collages, news feeds, and more.

Vector Sign Solutions offers a wide range of illuminated and electronic signs, including:

  • Digital sign boards
  • Neon signs
  • Fluorescent signs
  • Incandescent signs
  • Digital menu boards
  • LCD/HID plasma signs
  • Outdoor LED signs
  • LED digital billboards, and more!

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Digital / Electrical Signs

There are many benefits of electronic signs for Hamilton County, Metro Indianapolis, and Indiana. In the Digital Age, electronic signs are in high deman. Digital / Electronic signs consistently outperform other forms of advertising, including the Internet and Facebook ads, according to the Arbitron Digital Place-Based Video Study.

Electronic signs are extremely versatile, with many capable of displaying images, videos, and text that’s endlessly “reprogrammable.” Since changing your ad copy is as easy as updating your Facebook status, electronic signs unlock limitless advertising potential.

They’re also highly visible in low-light conditions, which makes electronic signs ideal for storefront displays day or night.

A dedicated project manager will help you navigate our extensive catalog and create a shortlist of recommendations based on your unique needs and budget.

Point-of-Purchase Displays

POP Displays or commonly known as Point-of-Purchase Displays are used to increase sales and attract impulse buying. These displays are located throughout retail showrooms and are often in the checkout area to entice impulsive purchasing.

Point of purchase displays can be a very simple design or extremely detailed with digital and electronic features to appeal to their desired market. The appearance is often dictated on the type of product that is being featured and how the owner wants to present it to their customers.

Studies have shown that regular priced items can out sell or perform sale & clearance items by 18% when located near a compelling or effective point-of-purchase display. They are appreciated by your customers depending on the season so they can easily spot sale or featured items without having to find a sales associate.

They are excellent marketing tools for retailers and even hospitals, community centers, malls, grocery markets and government facilities. Whether your are advertising a sale or promoting a special product or service, customers often will check out well designed/appealing displays.

Trade Show Signage

Approximately 13,000 trade shows happen around the US every year. Each of them represents a huge opportunity for your business, so long as your trade show signage is up to par!

Vector Sign Solutions offers an impressive selection of trade show signage, including:

  • Retractable banners
  • Dynamic digital signs
  • A-frames
  • Hanging banners
  • Table covers and throws
  • Decals and graphics
  • Flag banners, and much more!

Combine all your top picks from our trade show catalogue to create a winning trade show display that stands out from the competition at your next trade show or exhibition. With Vector Sign Solutions, you can’t go wrong–all signs are manufactured from durable, eco-friendly, high-quality materials, and they’re all completely customizable. A dedicated project manager will provide as much or as little input as you need, with all recommendations based on your unique needs and budget.



Electronic & LED signs help businesses, organizations, schools, colleges, theaters and churches increase their attendance.

Electronic & LED Message Boards provide an easy and affordable way to spread your message to a wide audience. With our proven electronic messaging technology, you can display your personalized messages, graphics, animations direct from your desktop computer. Whether it is a special event, or need to update an existing event, our Electronic Messaging Boards are ideal for this signage application.

They are low maintenance and often out perform other outdoor advertising options.

Vector Signs Solutions provides exception technical service and support for our clients in Noblesville, Hamilton County, Metro Indianapolis including the state of Indiana. Electronic Messaging Boards and/or a LED sign outside your enterprise or organization is a very effective way to attract new customers or members and will give you a distint advantage over your competition.

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