Vehicle MagnetsVehicle magnets 101

Thin, strong, affordable, and effective–these are just a few words Noblesville business owners have used to describe their vehicle magnets from Vector Sign Solutions.

The term “vehicle magnet” refers to a customizable vinyl “sticker” or decal that attaches magnetically. Vehicle magnets can be attached to any vehicle–truck, car, SUV, van, fleet vehicle, and even boats–as long as there’s a flat, smooth, and magnetic surface. Vehicle magnets stick to ferromagnetic metals, including iron, steel, nickel, and cobalt. Custom vehicle magnets are long-lasting and durable, while the vinyl designs themselves are UV resistant.

Vehicle magnets come in all cuts and colors, but they share one common goal: generating impressions.

Benefits of vehicle magnets for Noblesville businesses

Vehicle magnets transform your car, truck, or SUV into a mobile billboard, which in turn transforms your daily commute or parking space into valuable advertising opportunities.

Noblesville businesses use our vehicle magnets to:

  • Increase brand awareness around town
  • Announce new products or services
  • Advertise big sales or limited time promotions
  • Expand marketing reach and engage new demographics
  • Supplement their existing sign systems
  • Update their vehicle wraps or fleet branding with new information or seasonal ads

Custom vehicle magnets in Noblesville, IN

With Vector Sign Solutions, the vehicle magnet design possibilities are endless, and quality is guaranteed. Choose any cut or color, then print your personalized messages, images, or graphics in high resolution.

No graphics or design experience? No problem. Choose from a number of popular templates (all of which can be personalized), or work directly with our design team to create something true to your vision. We offer branding consultations and custom logo design services in-house.

Free vehicle magnet quotes in Noblesville, IN

Vector Sign Solutions proudly serves businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals throughout Noblesville, and the surrounding areas.

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