If you manage a business or residential building in Hamilton County, Indiana, and you don’t have signage in it, you’re missing an opportunity. An opportunity to keep people safe and an opportunity to advertise.

Some Elevator Signage Is Meant To Provide Functional Information. It Keeps People Safe. Such Elevator Signage Is Often Mandatory In Indiana.

Imagine an elevator in your mind. There’s probably a sign somewhere in there, right? Elevators are usually mandated by law to include a sign that states the maximum occupancy of the elevator. An elevator can only hold so much weight and still operate safely. There might also be a sign indicating what to do in case of emergency and perhaps a map showing the building’s stairwells and fire escapes. You can have these signs custom made to display the same text and colors that are consistent with your Hamilton County business’s brand. But keep in mind, there are governmental regulations (e.g. ADA laws) that might limit what you can do because such signs must be accessible to all.

Elevator Signage Can Also Be Used To Provide Bulletins. Install Elevator Signage Branded With Your Company’s Logo And Name To Update People On Important News.

Many office and residential buildings in Hamilton County use elevator signage to update their tenants on important information. For example, a commercial building in Fishers might use elevator signage with a glass case and the name of the property owner at the top to provide bulletins on repairs and fire alarm tests. The same can be true for an office building in Noblesville.

All Of The Above Examples Of Elevator Signage Are Useful And Even Necessary. But Elevators Are A Great Place For Promotion, Too.

People inside an elevator are a captive audience. After all, what is there to do in an elevator, except to conspicuously not look at the person next to you? Wouldn’t it be great if you had something else to look at? Like, maybe, some advertising?

Elevator signage is great for advertising and promotion because you can be sure that just about everybody who enters that elevator is going to pay attention to it. A hotel in Fishers for example, can use a vinyl or acrylic sign to advertise their restaurant or bar downstairs. Digital signs are especially effective elevator signage. You can run commercials non-stop and lots of people are bound to see them. This can be a significant source of revenue for, say, an office building in Noblesville.

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