Businesses in Hamilton County, Indiana, have to be very careful how they spend their advertising budget. How do you get the best value? The answer for many is simple: vehicle graphics.

Having A Work Vehicle And Not Having Vehicle Graphics Is Almost Always A Wasted Opportunity.

They say we only use about 10% of our brain power.  While this may or may not be true, it is true that one is not using the total capability of a work vehicle that does not contain graphics. Why would you not turn your daily commute into a marketing opportunity? It barely costs you anything and it has other benefits as well.

Imagine a contractor in Frankfort, Indiana. Whether they specialize in flooring, drywalling, or complete renovations, a lot of their work will probably come from Indianapolis, where the most people live in the area. Driving from Frankfort to Indianapolis could easily take an hour. That’s an hour there and back every day, and more if there’s traffic. Right now, that time is just sunken cost both in terms of money spent on gasoline and time. But with a vehicle graphic, the equation changes.

With a well-designed, eye-catching vehicle graphic that displays this contractor’s company name, phone number, web address, slogan, logo, and any other pertinent information, these hour-long commutes become something different. Every person they pass on I-65, everybody who sees their car while they’re stuck in Indianapolis traffic, and even the people who pass by their Frankfort home with their work vehicle parked in the driveway will see their vehicle graphic and will think of them the next time they need a contractor’s services.

Vehicle Graphics Are Ideal For Companies With A Fleet Of Vehicles.

Imagine a home cleaning business based out of Pendleton, Indiana. Imagine it’s a medium-sized business with several different crews on staff. That means several different work vehicles. That means every day there are multiple vehicles driving around Pendleton, from Pendleton to Sheridan, from Pendleton to Indianapolis, from Pendleton to Noblesville, Westfield, Cicero, and anywhere else in the area. Vehicle graphics could generate tens of thousands of impressions every day with all this driving. Furthermore, it makes this Pendleton home cleaning business look more professional and successful and it helps clients identify the vehicles when they arrive. The vehicle graphics could be large scale wraps or smaller graphics just on the hood of the vehicle.

Vector Sign Solutions

At Vector Sign Solutions, we can design, manufacture, and install vivid, beautiful, and durable vehicle graphics for your work vehicle in Frankfort, Sheridan, Indianapolis, Noblesville, Westfield, Pendleton, or anywhere else in or near Hamilton County, IN. To learn more or get started, please contact us today via our website or call us at 317-703-3340.