Many businesses in Hamilton, northern Hancock, and western MadisonCounties, Indiana, have modest budgets. Spending a lot on advertising and promotion is not an option. But there’s one type of promotion that has a negligible cost: the vehicle wrap/graphic.

As Opposed To Other Types Of Advertising, Installing A Vehicle Graphic Or Wrap On Your Work Vehicle Can Give You Years Of Marketing And Promotion For One Single Modest Investment.

Let’s imagine that you’re a house painter in Fortville, Indiana. You use your truck, van, or car to transport you to a different job site every week. How much time do you think you spend commuting to places like Carmel, Arcadia, Noblesville, Pendleton and even Indianapolis? Probably a lot, correct? Right now, all that time spent driving is dead time. A necessary time sink to get you to work every day. Time you’re not earning any money or doing anything productive. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

If you install a vehicle graphic of a paint brush brushing paint that wraps around your work vehicle, all that commuting time is instantly turned into promoting time. Whether you’re zipping along I-69, stuck in city traffic in Indianapolis, or just parked in your Fortville driveway, every single person you pass by and who passes you will notice your vehicle wrap or graphic. By emblazoning your work vehicle with your Fortville painting business’s name, contact information, and maybe an attractive graphic, you’re catching the eye of all drivers and passersby, generating thousands of impressions every single day. Your vehicle also instantly looks more professional and recognizable and this is especially important for fleets.

When It Comes to Fleets, Vehicle Wraps And Graphics Become Doubly Important.

Whether you’re a house painter in Fortville, a plumber in Arcadia, or you manage a home cleaning service in Noblesville, you can benefit from installing a vehicle wrap or graphic on your work vehicle. But if you manage a business with a fleet, you’d be crazy not to install vehicle wraps or graphics.

Let’s say you manage a food delivery service in Carmel.  You want people to trust the vehicle showing up at their homes. Unmarked food delivery trucks are unlikely to create that trust. But a truck with a graphic on its side can help to instill that trust. Furthermore, if your Carmel trucks have a vehicle wrap or graphic on them, they become instantly more recognizable. This will help in branding in addition to letting people know when your drivers have arrived.

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If you manage a business in Carmel, Arcadia, Noblesville, other communities in Hamilton County, or surrounding nearby counties, and would like to install a wrap or graphic on your work vehicle, please contact us.